Bodysuits: A Wardrobe Classic

Whether you are new to Bodysuits or wear them often, here you will gain some insight as to why having at least ONE bodysuit in your wardrobe is a great asset.

Here are five reasons we -- and our Customers -- LOVE our Bodysuits:

1) They stay in place.  Unlike most shirts and blouses that can often get untucked, expose our backs (or bums!) and look wrinkled or disheveled -- the bodysuit stays in place -- beautifully tucked and formed from morning to night. 

2) The built-in shelf bra.  Not all bodysuits on the market have built in bras; however, all Georgia Rose Label Bodysuits do!  We have the shelf-bra there so that you have the option of wearing a bra - or not - depending on what you are most comfortable with.  For many, the shelf bra serves as the only bra, and provides enough support and comfort.  For others, the shelf bra is an excellent feature and provides extra support for those who want to wear a bra as well. 

Note: The Georgia Bodysuit can generally only be worn with a strapless bra, because of the cap sleeve and sweetheart neckline.  The other Bodysuits (Rose and Cami) can be worn with most bras (with or without straps).

3) The material is soooooo soft and breathable.  Many of us wear our bodysuit all day, and feel perfectly comfortable. No need to iron: wash cold, hang dry and wear!  

4) They are super versatile, intentionally designed to go from day to night. Our bodysuits can easily be worn under blazers, sweaters and jackets in professional or formal settings; dressed up for a day/night out with jeans and skirts; or, paired with joggers for lounging at home or heading to an activity with kids or friends.  The classic and comfortable designs are key to versatility and style.

5) Our Bodysuits are all designed and sewn in Toronto, Canada (with domestic and imported parts).  When you buy any Georgia Rose Label item you are supporting the Canadian economy and a small, woman-owned business.  We are very careful about the materials we choose and where our clothes made, because we geniunely care about the environment, our planet and its creatures.  $1 from every item purchased is donated to 

Lastly, for those of you new to bodysuits, the question we get most is: how do you pee with a buttonless thong!?  Well, you can take the whole thing off -- or, what I do is just move the thong off to the side.  Easy "Pee-sy".  Never had any issues.  But of course, it's a personal preference.  

As you can see, there are many great reasons to own a Georgia Rose Label Bodysuit, including comfort, classic style and supporting a small business with an environmental conscience.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, or provide us feedback on any of your Georgia Rose Label apparel.